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                  COMPANY PROFILE


                    Eastex is a third level central enterprise affiliated with China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., a national high tech company owned by China Textile Academy, a test base of the National Engineering Research Center of Fiberbased Composite Materials and a deputy president of China Nonwovens&Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA), gained both ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate.

                     Eastex is a professional supplier of Spunlace Nonwovens. Eastex has five state-of-art production lines with an annual output of over 10,000 tons of Spunlace Nonwovens.Eastex is specialized in operating, developing and manufacturing 30-250 gsm of fine quality Spunlace Nonwovens featuring a wide range of fiber compositions. The products are widely used as hygienic/cosmetic materials, automotive interior materials, synthetic leather substrate, shoe materials, garment accessories, packaging, electronics and other industrial materials. Colored fiber Spunlace Nonwovens are our company’s specialty products. Eastex has a strong R&D force, advanced spunlace/needlepunch test equipment and systematic laboratory testing equipments, which could research and develop special specifications, special-use products for customers.

                     Eastex dedicates to customer service, win win cooperation, and work together with customers to create a bright future.


                  Hygienic and cosmetic material


                  Eastex is a specialist manufacturer of Spunlace Nonwovens used for hygienic and cosmetic materials including wet tissues, beauty cosmetics, wipes, medical gauze, etc.
                  ◆ Weight range:30-120gsm;
                  ◆ Width range: 150-3200mm;
                  ◆ Wide range of fiber compositions;
                  ◆ Cross lapped and parallel web forming;
                  ◆ Plain、mesh and various patterns;
                  ◆ Dyeing, printing, flame retardant, water repellent finishing.

                  Automotive interior materials

                  Automotive interior materials

                  10 years of professional experience in automotive interior materials;Qualified supplier for several leading global automotive interior enterprises;Outstanding quality management, consistency in quality.
                  ◆Good uniformity and ductility, excellent plasticity.
                  ◆Excellent uniformity, proper strength and ductility.
                  ◆Good ductility; suitable density and strength; environmental protection.


                  Substrate for synthetic leathe


                  Eastex manufactures Spunlace Nonwovens used as substrate for PU/PVC synthetic leather. Raw materials include white and
                  black viscose or polyester, PA, microfiber etc. Available basis weights are ranging from 40-250gsm with a range of widths
                  from 1400-3200mm.
                  ◆ Smooth surface, even thickness;
                  ◆ High compactness, non-delamination;
                  ◆ Soft hand feeling, good dimensional stability;
                  ◆ Little difference between MD and CD, high elongation and tearing strength.

                  Clothing accessories, auxiliar

                  Clothing accessories, auxiliary display

                  Insulation lining for firefighter's outfit

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